Areas of practice

Lambrecht Law Office is a specialist law firm and focuses on two main practice areas: (1) art and cultural property and (2) corporate and private investments.

This requires both a generalist and a specialist approach. Accordingly, Lambrecht Law Office practises a whole range of areas of law while always keeping the focus on these two areas of expertise. The list below is but a selection of the main areas of law in which Lambrecht Law Office is engaged.

Whilst most of these areas are mastered by the lawyers working at Lambrecht Law Office, some specific issues may require super specialist or external expert advice and assistance. 

  • Art law

  • Banking and financial law; financial services regulation

  • Company law

  • Contract and liability law

  • Cultural property and heritage law

  • Employment law

  • Insurance law

  • Intellectual property law (copyright; droit de suite; etc…)

  • Non-profit organisations (associations, foundations)

  • Philanthropy and charitable giving

  • Public law and public entities

  • Tax law

  • Trade practices and consumer protection

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