Lucy Ryan

research assistant 

tel. +32 2 513 91 86



Lucy Ryan is a qualified Barrister-at-law, having graduated from the Honorable Society of King’s Inns, Dublin, Ireland in 2017. Prior to this, she completed her undergraduate studies in Law with History, graduating from University College Dublin in 2016. Following this, she finished her Art Law LLM at the University of York in 2020 for which she received the highest grade in her year, a First-Class Honours, distinction. She is currently undertaking a further Masters in EU Public Affairs and International law which she will complete in 2021. She is also fluent in English with professional proficiency in French. 

During her Art Law LLM at the University of York, her studies focussed upon intellectual property law, comparative law, international protection of cultural property and art law. In particular, her thesis focused upon the restitution process of art looted during WWII, analysing specific restitution legislation in the common law jurisdictions of the U.K. and the U.S. Additionally, she scrutinised the moral element of such claims, probing whether a statute of limitation should remain or be removed in relation to such claims.

Lucy has worked in a variety of legal areas, but is currently working in-house for an international tax company and conducting freelance legal consultancy work for Lambrecht Law Office. On a personal level, Lucy possesses an avid interest in amateur photography with a love for art and music. She hopes to practise as an art lawyer in the future at a more international level.


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