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General terms and conditions of our provision of services

1. Our legal practice

The lawyers practising through Lambrecht Law Office(*) are registered members of one of the Brussels Bars and bear the title of advocaat or avocat. Our services are governed by the provisions of the Belgian Judicial Code regulating our profession and the code of conduct of the relevant Brussels Bar.

(*) Lucie Lambrecht Law Office is a civil company having adopted the form of a private limited liability company, with registered office at 1000 Brussels, Place du Petit Sablon 12. Entreprise number : 0822.140.227 (RPR/RPM Brussels).

Our legal relationship with clients is governed by Belgian law. Any disputes must be settled preferably according to the dispute resolution procedures provided by the relevant Brussels Bar. In case of continuing disagreement the courts of Brussels have jurisdiction.

Ms Lucie Lambrecht is subject to the out-of-court dispute resolution provided by the following code or regulation: Codex 2009 van Balie Brussel – NL.

Further information on the specific features and conditions of application of such regulation can be obtained from

2. Professional liability insurance

By using the services of Lambrecht Law Office you agree that the total liability in respect of our legal services will be limited to the maximum amount of the coverage provided from time to time under the general insurance policy of the relevant Brussels Bar.

The professional liability insurance policy of the Dutch speaking section of the Brussels Bar (NOAB) - which covers the professional liability of the lawyers currently practising at Lambrecht Law Office - offers cover up to EUR 1,250,000 per claim. 3. The insurance cover applies in the whole world for activities performed out of our offices established in Belgium, with the exception of claims instituted in the USA or in Canada or under the legislation or jurisdiction of these countries.

3. Fees

Lambrecht Law Office operates a strict and transparent system to calculate fees, which guarantees value for money.

Our fees are calculated on the basis of the billable time recorded with the application of hourly rates. The hourly rates are determined depending on the experience and expertise of the lawyer handling the case and the nature of the services. In principle no account is taken of the nature and degree of complexity of the case. However, in case of urgency of the service demanded or given the results achieved, we reserve the right to increase our fees by applying a multiplicator of minimum 1,25 and maximum 1,75. The hourly rates are subject to yearly revision.

If the client so wishes, we can estimate a fixed fee or a price range in advance on the basis of the total fees for the time we reasonably estimate will be needed to bring the matter to an end. Such a budget always remains an estimate made in good faith on the basis of known and foreseeable information. Unless otherwise agreed we cannot rule out that the final fee will be significantly higher than the amount initially estimated.

As a rule the hourly rates include the overhead for fixed costs including the office and secretariat costs. Other disbursements such as car and travel costs, special mail and courier services, international telecommunication charges etc. and the fees and costs of third parties (judicial costs, notary, bailiff, etc.) are invoiced at cost price.

At the opening of  a new file a fixed fee of 50 EUR (excluding VAT) will be charged. This amount is due even if the client decides not to proceed.

From 1st January 2014 the services of Belgian lawyers are subject to VAT. Henceforward our total fees and disbursements (with the exception of costs advanced on behalf of the client) will be increased with VAT at the normal rate of 21%.

Unless otherwise agreed we deliver monthly invoices. Our invoices are payable immediately. Interest will accrue automatically and without formal notice being required on any unpaid sums from the invoice date at the rate of 15% per annum. In addition, in case of late payment our invoices will automatically and without formal notice be increased, by way of fixed-sum indemnity clause, with an amount equal to 15 % of the outstanding amount.

4. Anti-money laundering legislation

Before representing you we may require formal evidence of your identity and may need to conduct external checks for this purpose. Belgian law requires us to report suspicions of money laundering activities or the financing of terrorism to the money laundering authority (Cel voor Financiële Informatieverwerking - Cellule de Traitement des Informations Financières) in certain circumstances. We may not inform you nor ask your consent before such disclosure. We will not be liable to you for the consequences of any such reporting or if we decide to stop working for you in these circumstances.

5. Data protection

See Article 11 of our Disclaimer.

6. Intellectual property rights

See Article 3 of our Disclaimer.

7. Third party services

The lawyers working at Lambrecht Law Office in principle master most of the practice areas advertised by Lambrecht Law Office. However, some specific issues may require super specialist or external expert advice and assistance. In these cases Lambrecht Law Office may rely on its network of correspondent lawyers or law firms to have the necessary expertise in the relevant field, acting as sub-contractor or otherwise.

Unless expressly agreed to the contrary, Lambrecht Law Office will not be liable for the services provided by such third parties with the client’s consent.

8. Information and complaints

If you have any queries or wish to raise any concerns about the exercise or remuneration of our services please contact Ms Lucie Lambrecht:

  • by post at the following address: Place du Petit Sablon 12, B-1000 Brussels
  • by fax using number : 02 450 42 16,
  • by e-mail using the following address:,
  • or by telephone using number : 02 513 91 86.


Terms of use of this website

1. General

This website is provided by Lambrecht Law Office. You agree that you will access and consult this website solely for your own private use and to comply with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements relating to the use of this website.

2. Privacy policy

You will find our privacy policy in article 11 of our Disclaimer.

3. Intellectual property rights

Lambrecht Law Office owns (or is licensed by third-party right holders to exploit) all the intellectual property rights in respect of this website and its content to the exclusion of any one else. Please see article 3 of our Disclaimer for more information about our intellectual property rights.


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