Protection of movable cultural property


  • Lucie Lambrecht and Charlotte Sartori, "La protection du patrimoine mobilier en Flandre",

    in "Évolutions récentes dans la protection du patrimoine" , Larcier 2020, ed. Marie-Sophie de Clippele, Jean-François Neuray, Michel Quintin, published at the occasion of the colloquium of 9 October 2020, organised by the Association belge francophone pour le droit de l’aménagement du territoire, de l’urbanisme et de l’environnementLink to the editor.

  • Lucie LAMBRECHT and Zacharias MAWICK, "A wave of regulations hits the Art Market - Which laws and legislative projects should art dealers and collectors keep in mind?", in-house publication

  • Lucie LAMBRECHT is author of the Belgian chapter of  "Art law: Restrictions on the export of cultural property and artwork”, a country- by-country report published by the Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA), November 2017. A new edition will be published in the summer of 2020. See link to the current report:


  • Lucie LAMBRECHT and Zacharias MAWICK, "Breaking New Ground in Belgium: How Legal Tradition Handles Treasure-Finds and Proposed Reforms" , Art Antiquity and Lawvolume XXIIII, Issue 1 April 2019. Order via this link: Institute of Art and Law. A shorter version is posted on the website of CollectionsLegal.


  • Lucie LAMBRECHT, Classement du patrimoine mobilier en Communauté flamande et française - Sotheby's series of 'Conférences de Midi 2011' - 25 January 2011.
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