Cultural property

  • Lucie LAMBRECHT and Lucy RYAN have contributed the Belgium chapter in the newest edition of The Art Law Review launched in January 2023.  Click here to view the Book's page.

  • Lucie LAMBRECHT and Lucy RYAN have contribued the Belgium jurisdiction chapter in the second edition of The Art Law Review launched in January 2022.

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  • Lucie LAMBRECHT and Charlotte SARTORI have contribued the Belgium jurisdiction chapter in The Art Law Review launched in January 2021.

  • Lucie Lambrecht and Charlotte Sartori, 'La protection du patrimoine mobilier en Flandre",

  • in "Évolutions récentes dans la protection du patrimoine" , Larcier 2020, ed. Marie-Sophie de Clippele, Jean-François Neuray, Michel Quintin, published at the occasion of the colloquium of 9 October 2020, organised by the Association belge francophone pour le droit de l’aménagement du territoire, de l’urbanisme et de l’environnementLink to the editor.

  • Lucie LAMBRECHT and Zacharias MAWICK, "A wave of regulations hits the Art Market - Which laws and legislative projects should art dealers and collectors keep in mind?", in-house publication


  • Lucie LAMBRECHT is author of the Belgian chapter of  "Art law: Restrictions on the export of cultural property and artwork”, a country- by-country report published by the Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA), November 2017. A new edition will be published in the summer of 2020. See link to the current report:


  • Lucie LAMBRECHT and Zacharias MAWICK, "Breaking New Ground in Belgium: How Legal Tradition Handles Treasure-Finds and Proposed Reforms" , Art Antiquity and Lawvolume XXIIII, Issue 1 April 2019. Order via this link: Institute of Art and Law. A shorter version is posted on the website of CollectionsLegal.


  • Lucie LAMBRECHT and Marie-Sophie DE CLIPPELE have published an article in the art law periodical ART ANTIQUITY AND LAW, Volume XXI, Issue 2, July 2016, with the title:  "Enforceability of Vesting Laws: Proceedings before the Belgian courts".
  • Lucie LAMBRECHT is author of the Belgian chapter of The Art Collecting Legal Handbook, published by Thomson Reuters; co-editors Bruno Boesch and Massimo Sterpi, May 2013. See also the review by Henry Bounameaux in the daily newspaper L’Echo of 25 September 2013 relating to The Art Collecting Legal Handbook (linke to L'Echo: The second, updated and revised edition of The Art Collecting Legal Handbook has been  launched at Art Basel in June 2016.  The excellent introduction of the new edition is penned by Marc Spiegler, Global Director of Art Basel.

  • Marie-Sophie DE CLIPPELE en Lucie LAMBRECHT, "Art Law & Balances. Increased Protection of Cultural Heritage Law vs. Private Ownership: Towards Clash or Balance?", International Journal of Cultural Property (2015), volume 22, issue 2-3, pp. 259-278 ( (Abstract: Private ownership and cultural heritage protection are two interests in continuing tension. The traditional conception of property right is based on an absolute individual right to the peaceful enjoyment of possessions. However, interference in this right may restrict its exercise and impose charges on the owner, such as classification measures and conservation easements. This paper formulates a hypothesis about an increased protection of cultural heritage along with that of private ownership. Against the background of a complex constitutional allocation of cultural powers, Belgian law provides a pertinent illustration of this development. At the one hand, Belgian governments have been adopting more extensive legislation protecting cultural heritage. On the other hand, Belgian courts, traditionally reluctant to recognize any compensation right when the protective measure only restricts the ownership, gradually appear to undertake a more thorough analysis of the fair balance between the conflicting interests, notably in favor of the owner. The authors gauge the merits of a new model of cultural heritage protection.)

  • M.-S. DE CLIPPELE, « Quand l’équilibre devient art – Le Conseil de l’Europe et la balance des intérêts des propriétaires et de la collectivité en matière de patrimoine culturel », R.T.D.H.¸2014/3, pp. 913-936.


  • M.-S. DE CLIPPELE, "Quand l’art ouvre la voie au droit : le Palais Stoclet", Journal des Tribunaux, 26 January 2013 - N° 6506, p. 49.


  • Lucie LAMBRECHT, Classement du patrimoine mobilier en Communauté flamande et française - Sotheby's series of 'Conférences de Midi 2011' - 25 January 2011.
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