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Lucie Lambrecht and Zacharias Mawick highlight the latest legislative developments in the art and cultural property sector in our latest joint publication:  wave of regulations hits the Art Market Which laws and legislative projects should art dealers and collectors   keep in mind? 

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CAfA arbitration

After a thorough review and vetting process by the CAfA Selection Committee, Lucie Lambrecht has been selected as an arbitrator for the CAfA Arbitrator Pool. She was appointed as arbitrator to the original Arbitration Pool of CAfA in January 2020. 

CAfA is the Court of Arbitration for Art based in The Hague.

CAfA is the Court of Arbitration for Art. A joint initiative of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute and Authentication in Art led to the founding of CAfA. CAfA is founded to resolve disputes in the wider art community through mediation and arbitration. As such, it offers parties to administrate their arbitration and mediation proceedings with the assistance of the Secretariat of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute.


CAfA arbitration -

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Our article "Breaking New Ground in Belgium: How Legal Tradition Handles Treasure-Finds and Proposed Reforms"  is now published in the newest issue of Art Antiquity and Law. Order via this link: Institute of Art and Law. A shorter version is posted on the website of CollectionsLegal.

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Lambrecht Law Office

Lambrecht Law Office, in operation since 2010, is a niche law firm focusing on art and cultural property and private and corporate) investments.

The firm can rely on the long in-house experience of its managing partner, Lucie Lambrecht, and a wide network of specialist lawyers in the relevant fields.

Lambrecht Law Office - Lambrecht Law Office

Collections Legal

Lambrecht Law Office is a member of Collections Legal, a pool of independent, senior, legal advisors to collectors, institutions, the trade, and to artists and their estates. All our members deal with fine art and other cultural property, from the antiquity to date (

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Lambrecht Law Office is a specialist law firm and focuses on two main practice areas: art and cultural property and corporate and private investments.

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The lawyers at Lambrecht Law Office share their experience and knowhow through speaking at legal forums and through high-profile legal publications on specialised topics.

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Lambrecht Law Office

Lambrecht Law Office advises the government, auction houses and art galleries, art dealers, museums, private collections and non-profit institutions on various legal art and cultural property issues. Lambrecht Law Office also advises firms and private clients in all aspects of their investments. With Lucie Lambrecht’s international background in banking, financial and corporate law at two major global law firms, Lambrecht Law Office is able to offer a unique, hands-on and high-quality legal service to its clients.

Lambrecht Law Office works in Dutch, French, English and German.

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